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First World Problems.

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NB Gin BRIT Awards Limited Edition Bottles


Glassware designer Lydia Macdonald hand-etches one of NB Gin’s bottles. Picture: Contributed

Superstars attending this year’s BRIT Awards will be enjoying NB Gin in hand-etched, BRIT-inspired bottles created from a home studio in a Scottish village.

NB Gin are celebrating their third year as drinks sponsor for the Sony BRIT Awards after party with hand-etched BRIT-inspired bottles created by a designer from her home studio.  The bottles are hand-etched by East Lothian-based professional glassware designer Lydia Macdonald and display a BRITs-inspired ‘B’ on the front with a ‘limited edition’ message on the side. Each bottle takes around two hours to etch!

Co-founder of NB Gin, Viv Muir,  “To be a drinks partner of the BRITS after-party three years in a row is fantastic.’’

“We really wanted to celebrate it in style this year so we decided to etch a limited edition design onto 24 of our bottles. A dozen will be served at the party and we’ll be giving away some to our lucky fans on social media.’’

“In a climate of gin frenzy with so many new brands popping up, NB continues to be the gin of choice for the highest end events and establishments across the world.” 

– The citation of Foodieexplorers.

Read more at;

2017 Burns Supper

Screen Shot 2017-01-21 at 3.30.00 pm

January means gathering to honour the most celebrated man in Scotland by drinking whisky, eating haggis and hearing his words come alive again 220 years after his passing.

But the night is not all about Rabbie, it’s also about Dave and Kenny, otherwise known as The Wherries. They play the traditional and not so traditional sounds of Scotland. We love them and that’s why we keep bringing them back. If you haven’t seen them before, set aside some room in your heart to love them too!

Drinks reception from 7.00pm

Member tickets $140 / Non member tickets $170

Buy through peatix at http://burns.peatix.com

Please email events.ssas@gmail.com when you make the transfer and we will send you a booking form to find out number of guests/members, dietary preferences and who you would like to sit beside/near.


Speyside Glenlivet Water & Highland Spring Water

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Hive by Wala Wala & The Retro Factory proudly present BAZAAR@HIVE This is not your typical heartland pasar malam. With the ambience of Camberwell Market and Notting Hill Market in mind, we will showcase an assemblage of vintage flea market, vinyl fair, live music, food, beers, wine, gin and coffee! Want to treasure hunt? This bazaar will undoubtedly be a treat for vinyl enthusiasts. Our vendors offer a wide variety of interesting vintage or vintage-inspired treasures, including home furnishings, bric-a-brac, records, jewellery, car accessories, fashion, toys, coins, banknotes, watches, lighters, handmade artisan leathers and more. Come relive some nostalgia. Perfect if you love to repurpose and beautify castoffs.A fun filled day with the family. Bring your friends! Bring your cash! Come on down as it’s going to be a blast from the past!

Date : 6 November 2016, Sunday
Time : 12:00pm - 8:00pm
Location : Hive by Wala Wala
Address : Furama Riverfront, 407 Havelock Road #01-01, Singapore 169634

Vintage Flea Market • Hive Food Fair • Vinyl Records Fair • Live Bands on stage • DJ Rico Smith on the decks • Wine Fair • Beer Tasting • Gin Tasting

Free entry to Bazaar@Hive • Child friendly • Wheelchair friendly • Ample hotel parking

168 BanknotesAll Good ThingsAmazin’ Graze • At Ease Gallery • Bhutan NaturalBlue Stone Craft GiftsBy My Old SchoolCRAFT BEERS by TSA Wines • Daniel Liu • Dapper & Dames Vintage • David Chan Classic Cars • Edwin’s Curios •Esprit MademoiselleEuroHaus ClassicsGIN by Gain BrandsJ ConceptJazzyStar VintageJeff’s Diecast CollectiblesKarang UniqueKirakira KandyMemory Lane RecordsMorobatikMy Boss Group • Mystic Vintage • Naked CroutonOrganic FixOui_CRU.SG • Patrick Grosse Art • Present PresentSacred Seeds Shaman • Shylvin Vintage Fashion • Song Vintage • SPACED Vintage Books & Vinyl • Subhas Vintage • The Greek KouzinaThe Retro FactoryVinyl KakisWINES BY Enoteca

Clouds & ShadowsFym SummerGeneral LeeJanneSkunk JiveThe HandoutsThe Lost BoxZeeaura

For the foodies, a scrumptious array of grub awaits. A must try would be our Wanton Mee, the Yakitori and the Thai-Style Roasted Crackling Pork. Indulge in some Chicken Pies or delectable cakes from our bakery. Not forgetting the kid favourites including Hot Dogs, Pizza, Cheese Fries, Grilled Sausages and Ice Cream. Check out the Wine Fair and crack open a bottle of wine and enjoy along with some Cheese Platter. Cash and carry beer and whiskey at special retail prices.


2016 St Andrew’s Ball


The aims of the society were set down in our constitution many years ago and put simply, are to observe St Andrew’s Day, Robert Burns’ birthday and celebrate any other event as we see fit. Over the years, the society has contributed many thousands of dollars to charities in Singapore and Scotland.

Title: 2016 St Andrew’s Ball
When : 25/11/2016 Friday, 7:00 pm
Where : Shangri-La Hotel, Island Ballroom

In celebration of the patron saint of Scotland, we have a seven-course feast, free-flowing drinks, highland dancing displays, the Ghurka pipes and drums, and dancing to the Neil Barron Band until the wee small hours.
Full price thereafter is $255 for members and $270 for non-members.

Dress code is black tie, ball gowns and a touch of tartan.

No problem to fill a table: mention who you’d like to sit with and our table planners will do the rest. If you have a large group, you can have multiple tables nearby.

Formal tickets will be issued nearer the ball date.  Remember, your ball ticket number goes into the door prize draw (bring your ticket along and tear off the corner).  There will be some great prizes.

The dance list will be available soon with the links to instructions and videos; and there are the usual six ball dance practices and the Col Bar too.


The Ginfographic 2016 was answered by over 2,000 participants this year. As we remind you each year, the respondents usually err on the side of Gin fans (as to want to take part, you’d need to have an interest). However, having deliberately placed the questionnaire in front of both our readers as well as to a non-gin focused audiences via partners and seen very similar result patterns, we feel this paints an honest picture of what the category is doing and where it’s heading.

Thank you to all who took part in the survey – we really appreciate you taking the time. Your answers help us to create a bank of information for anyone looking to do research in the category and the insight it provides is invaluable to many in the Gin industry. We’ve pawed through the data to provide some insight, and will also be running a follow up article later this year looking even further into the stats.

On Average how many GIN cocktails do you drink per week?

This year has shown a clear increase in Gin cocktail consumption, with the amount of people drinking over 10 a week creeping up to 11% and people drinking 5 – 10 a week up from 18% to 28%. These stats almost perfectly demonstrate the fact that Gin is becoming an increased presence in drinkers lives. Over the past year we’ve heard lots of anecdotal evidence from shopkeepers, bartenders and everyday drinkers that point to more Gin being consumed (replacing other spirits in baskets) and these numbers seem to support that.

With bar menus getting ever more experimental, cocktail culture is showing no sings of slowing down and as Gin is the most used spirit in the cocktail world, that can only be a good thing for the category.

How many different brands of gin do you own?

The two numbers that shifted the most were at opposite ends of the spectrum – those who own just 1 – 2 bottles increased from 14% to 20%, and those with over 10 bottles rose from 20% to 28%. This leaves room for the number of those in the middle ground to drop off slightly, and throws up a weird anomaly.

We think this is attributable to several factors: 1. There are more new Gin drinkers entering the fray, hence an increase in those with just a couple of bottles (they’ll learn); 2. The ever-growing reverence for Craft Gin means that people simply can’t stop buying new Gins, something that is helped along by small distillers who attend events and meet consumers and do everything they can to make people see the power in supporting small businesses; 3. An increase in the number of active collectors and people who make a hobby of obtaining new Gins.

When you make your own, what is your favourite ratio for a G&T?

We’ve been saying it since the Ginfographic begun – ratio preferences are getting boozier. While the two ends of the spectrum (1 – 1 and 1 – 4 ) remain similar year on year, those in the middle are starting to switch it up. Drinkers taking one part Gin to two parts tonic have swung it this year with 41%, slightly edging the amount of people who take one part Gin to three parts tonic.

We expect this gap to grow over the coming years with even more people in the two parts tonic to one part gin camp. Moreover, with ever-weirderbotanicals the talking point of many a Gin, their point is moot if they’re drowned out by a mixer so expect more producers to push in this direction too.

What is your favourite type of glass for a G&T?

Overall there’s no change since 2015, though further insight lies in the geography of our respondents. When comparing Europe to the USA andAustralia, the COPA glass is demonstrated to be a uniquely European affair, with less than 2% of those from the other continents stating the glass as a preference. Back on this continent, the glass is favoured by a huge 37%. Will next year see the COPA go global? Probably not, but we expect it to grow in stature across the Euro zone, as well as a few Gin specialist bars in the US adopting it.

What is your favourite Gin cocktail?

No surprises here, with the data much the same as last year. What is interesting to see is that the rise of the Negroni hasn’t continued at the pace everyone was predicting and has plateaued on equal pegging with the Martini. This is especially interesting as (slightly) more bitter drinks are still being favoured by many bartenders while the rise in newVermouth and Amaro brands continues to flood the market.

It also comes as no surprise that the G&T is the king of gin based concoctions, but looking further into the results by geography it is once again in the US where the interest lies and their thirst for tonic seems to have increased over 2015. Meanwhile, Brambles, Basil Smashes, French 75’s and Aviations seem to making little headway up the charts despite our own anecdotal evidence that they are featuring more frequently on menus in high end bars.

When you order a Gin & Tonic in a bar, do you expect to be asked which Gin you would like?

This proves that the continued trickle down effect from top-end bars is still the way the industry works, with their focus on guest experience and service standards continuing to filter into less exclusive establishments. With this comes the rise in general booze knowledge offered by barkeeps, as well as the amount of Gins they have at their disposal to cater to multiple needs.

More people now expect to be asked about preferences wherever they go (up from 56% in 2015) and we expect this to continue growing over the next 12 months. Perhaps 2017 will also be the year more are asked if they have a garnish preference, as is often the case in Spanish Gin&Tonic bars.

Do you ever ask for a particular Gin brand when you order a Gin & Tonic in a bar?

With a rise in connoisseurship it’s unsurprising to see that more people call out for a specific brand when they order a Gin drink (up from 48% last year). That said, despite an increased understanding of what goes into Gins and a greater interest in botanicals and signature flavours from consumers, fewer people than ever base their decision on flavour profile.

This goes to show that strong brand presence on a back bar and a memorable USP are the two most important assets any Gin maker can have. With more brands competing for shelf space and the rising standard of design work – this is a ruthless battleground that is worth keeping your eyes peeled upon over the next 12 months.

 On average, what do you pay for a bottle of Gin?

Despite a huge shift in spending patterns, with the majority now spending in the £30-£40 range, the cliff edge remains as true as ever – price a Gin over £40 and sales will drop drastically. Craft Gin may be more popular than in 2015 and people may be willing to spend a little extra for small, limited and experimental, but the £40 limit seems entrenched year on year.

That £40 barrier is one that should be heeded by all prospective Gin makers – unless aged, Gin is made in a matter of hours, so there’s just no justification for excessive costs, a fact Gin fans know all to well.

In your opinion, is Gin “perceived” as a Male or Female spirit?

This is one of our bi-annual questions and two years on the gender gap has only slightly narrowed. The response, as ever, is that Gin – if anything – is perceived as female, but only by a small margin; 74% of respondents deem the spirit to be neutral.

There is, again, a geographic split in the answers that delivers an interesting piece of insight. In general, 18% thought the spirit to be female and 8% thought the spirit to be male. In America this number is identically reversed.

Do you think there should be a clearly defined set of criteria that distillers must adhere to in order to call themselves a ‘Craft’ Gin?

Last but not least, the craft argument. Despite the hundreds and hundreds of “Craft Gins” that have entered the market helping to educate and present different facets of the argument, it is clear that a majority (almost the same results as last year) would like some form of official definition on what ‘Craft’ Gin is.

‘Craft’ Gin, we suspect, will always be an ambiguous term. It’s not fair to call those who make the big name Gins anything other than craftsmen (and women) as they are unequivocally talented makers, producing delicious spirits at a breakneck pace; to call them ‘non-craft’ is a disservice. If ‘Craft’ Gin is defined by size explicitly, perhaps another term needs to come into force. The debate remains open, the divide in opinions leaving much distance to achieve a common consensus.

Written by Gin Foundry.

More details click here

Coming Soon! Fifty Eight Gin


Fifty Eight Gin is a one man band operation, the gin distilled under a railway arch in Hackney Downs by Australian founder Mark Marmont, a former dive instructor and boat skipper, who fell in love with the cocktail industry and gin, particularly, when he moved to London in early 2007.


Fifty Eight Gin is the work of Mark Marmont, who creates the gin in Hackney Downs using a single shot distillation method with a gorgeous alembic still, 100% British wheat spirit and nine carefully 9 botanicals – juniper, coriander, lemon, pink grapefruit, vanilla, orris, cubeb pepper, bergamot and angelica.

The base of the gin is a 50% ABV wheat based spirit. This, along with the botanicals, is poured into Mark’s trusty 60 litre Portuguese Alembic pot still, and is left to steep overnight. 58 Gin is made using a “one-shot” method and Mark, dedicated to the craft as he is, makes sure that distillation is done as slowly as possible (typically six hours) to maximize the extracted flavour. The gin is then bottled at 43% ABV.


Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt

Nose: Good balance of citrus and enjoyably leafy notes. A touch of sweetness to it, too.

Palate: Quite dry, with pine-y juniper at the fore, well backed-up by citrus.

Finish: Peppery with a lasting hint of juniper.

Gain Brands will participate and Sponsorship towards Melbourne Cup in Singapore

Ladies Charity Race Day Melbourne Cup


Venue : Tanglin Club Churchill Room
Date : Tuesday 1st November 2016
Time : 10am – 5pm

In support of Women That Will

Every penny raised will go towards helping women and children suffering from domestic violence in Singapore

$199 per person
$1,990 for a table of ten
Tickets sold on a first come, first serve basis

Tickets include:

  • Three course lunch with free flow
  • Live Music
  • Auction and Raffle
  • Horse and Rider Auction
  • Lucky Dip on the horses before the race

Photographers and Prizes for best dressed

Race day attire – hats and heels essential

Please pay and collect from Tatty Marsh, Level 2, Tanglin Mall. For enquiries, tel: 81188557

Please remember to bring your cheque book,
cash and credit cards on the day.

There will be so many ways to part with your money for a VERY deserving cause!
Help us to help these less fortunate women.


#DrinkBeerGiveWater “BrewGooder Beer”

The World’s first craft beer to turn great beer into clean drinking water in the developing world.
We set off on a mission to make a great tasting craft lager to a unique recipe, sell the beer and invest 100% of our profits – every single penny – into clean water projects. This means that when you drink our beers you are providing someone who needs it with clean drinking water.
cvrziq7fwjgemtissdv3  cmw5ximfhmktof1mwjvz
Profits from our crowdfund will be helping the Nora Doherty School in Dedza, Malawi, to improve their access to clean water by installing solar powered water stations. This guarantees improved access to safe water in the dry season and reduce the time burden on women in the community.
With your support we will be directly improving the lives of over 2000 people. We met these people personally when we visited the area  in February 2016 and we know what a difference the water stations will make.