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Santamania Gin Reserva - 700ml 41%

A very light, bright amber in colour, this RESERVA gin is full of nuances (orange and lemon citrus flavours as well as creamy notes). On the palate, it is unctuous and evolves in several stages. The typical gin notes are subtly apparent at first, (juniper, angelica root, coriander and cinnamon), gradually evolving into more complex flavours, (liquorice, white pepper and ginger). 

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Almost two years of research have gone into creating a gin that is aged in an entirely natural way. With our RESERVA gin, we have managed to combine the action of oak over time with the delicate flavours and aromas of a genuine London Dry.

The result is balanced, sophisticated and surprising. A very bright, light amber in colour SANTAMANIA is full of subtle aromas: lemon and orange citrus fruit and creamy notes. The palate is unctuous, and it develops in several stages. In the first stage, the typical gin flavours very subtly appear; soft juniper, angelica root, coriander and cinnamon, then gradually transform into more complex and harnessed flavours: liquorice, white pepper and ginger. The finish is long and very pleasant.

SANTAMANIA RESERVA should be drunk on its own or in a good cocktail that does not disguise the true aroma and flavour of a quality aged gin, such as a Dry Martini. 

Developing our spirits in wood

When we were starting up SANTAMANÍA, we soon realized that the basis of our experiments was going to be grape alcohol. It would have been odd to look for any other source of sugar for our alcohol that was not the best, most widely available one in Spain. Working with grapes and wine inevitably has a winemaking feel to it, and it was almost natural to start to experiment with developing our spirit in wood.

It would be presumptuous to show off about how right we were: gin has been transported in wooden casks for centuries and, whatever your feelings about it, barrel-aged gin has existed since the spirit was first invented. In fact, it wasn’t until the fairly recent introduction of stainless steel that colourless spirits actually became colourless, as wood had always given them a slight tinge. Playing with the type of wood, choice of barrel, and possible combinations is now part of our obsession, knowledge, and desire to evolve and discover.

Resting in french oak barrels

Whereas most gins on the market are bottled as soon as they are made, here at SANTAMANÍA we rest our gin for weeks before bottling it. However, in the case of our Reserva Gin, we extend this resting period to several weeks in oak barrels, in the peace and quiet of our own cellar, where there is no possible hurry or disruption.

One of our main concerns is maintaining the right balance, so that the notes from the wood don’t disguise the main characteristics of the gin, such as its clear juniper scent and flavour. The subtle but characteristic juniper in SANTAMANÍA London Dry Gin is retained in its matured “sister”, which also possesses the additional richness provided by the oak cask.

We believe that this communion between an oak barrel that has been used for the noble task of ageing wine, and our grape-based gin, is quite outstanding. These noble elements must somehow recognize each other, as the barrels have never contained any kind of grain alcohol. The subtle notes and rich aromas that give roundness to our cask-rested SANTAMANÍA gin are, quite frankly, peerless.

Our 16th-century stone cellar

In our small stone cellar in the Jerte Valley, on the edge of a river gorge, we reach a clear result: the formula of the original gin remains stable, the aromas and flavours are enhanced, and the feeling is of roundness and smoothness.

At SANTAMANÍA, we like to avoid extravagant and unrealistic sales talk to showcase our products. SANTAMANÍA does things by hand, and it is impossible to make large quantities when we take such special care. SANTAMANÍA Reserva is no exception. One batch, one barrel. Five barrels, five batches.

It’s as simple as that – or as exclusive. It depends which way you look at it.


London Dry Gin, aged in French oak barrels. 
Rested in a stone cellar, with no solera process or transfers. 
Single cask batches. 
100% natural – No preservatives, colouring or sweeteners. 
Made with great care, passion and anticipation, just like the old days. 
Limited Editions of five barrels: a total of around 980 bottles.

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