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Santamania Lola & Vera Gin - 700ml 40%

LOLA & VERA owes its name to our two copper pot stills. It is grain-based and made with water from the Sierra de Madrid mountain range and top quality botanicals that include Macedonian juniper. 

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Lola and Vera are much more than just stills. They are an entire distillery. They are the result of a creative process in which Javier, Víctor and Ramón were all involved, and they were built by the prestigious German manufacturer, CARL Distilleries and Brewhouses.

First came Vera, a precise and sophisticated piece of engineering which has become the figurehead of the brand, with a design that is unique in Spain. VERA has a 6-plate distillation column that enables it to perform traditional “one- shot” distillation, in which the maceration and infusion of the botanicals both take place in a single process.

Just one year later, in 2015, Lola arrived at the distillery to cover the need to increase output. With identical features, and even more sturdy, Lola soon became the ideal companion to Vera. So now, thanks to these two copper pot stills, SANTAMANÍA can work with alcohol that is no lower than 90o proof. As a result, we are able to produce spirits that are truly distinct from other brands on the market. Lola and Vera: precision engineering at the service of Premium spirits.

The very best ingredients - and the very best tool.

Just as a clock measures time second by second and with total accuracy, our copper still carefully processes every drop, making an artwork out of each bottle of SANTAMANÍA.

That’s because to create the very best formula , you need the very best ingredients. You also need the very best tools with which to make it. We found them. They are our treasure, Lola & Vera.

Producing our gin is also a meticulous process.

They are perfectly built, with a copper pot and a 6-plate enrichment column, which creates very pure alcohol indeed.

In fact, the vodka we distil in Vera doesn´t need filtering, so it keeps its original flavour and aroma intact

Producing our gin is a painstaking process in which the finest ingredients are combined with the very best vodka, so that every glass and every sip of SANTAMANÍA is an experience.

We don’t mass produce.

We take care of every detail of this experience, which is why we don’t mass produce. Each bottle is a work of art, and we don´t create our works of art in batches larger than 800 bottles.

That’s why we are able to say that we are one of the few distilleries capable of producing sprits in the purest way. Without concentrates, and without blending separate sprits.


This unconventional contemporary Gin surprises and captivates at each sip, thanks to its truly distinctive flavour, which happily combines ginger, cardamom, liquorice, green aniseed, sunflower seeds, cassia, juniper and fruity notes of lemon, orange peel and apple.
LOLA & VERA is made with 100% natural ingredients and contains no preservatives, colouring or sweeteners. Blatantly natural! 

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